Introducing Behbood Hospital

Behbood Hospital of Tabriz in a land area of 200 square meters in 1991 with the name of Health Services Cooperative Company and started as a Nasr clinic in a rented building. With the continuous efforts and pursuits of its founders and the fame of the people of Tabriz and the suggestions of prominent Tabriz people, the authorities were forced to develop it. It was established in December 2002 with the permission of the General Hospital with 50 beds and the following wards and units, which has been increasingly successful.


Maternity laboratory Nuclear medicine
women’s Surgery Pharmacy and Medical Products Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Men’s Surgery Emergency Care Specialized and general clinics
children Imaging


These successes were accompanied by the employment of more people in the hospital, and eventually the members and the assistance of the health officials of the province decided to develop the hospital. Finally, with the purchase of a few worn-out pieces around the hospital, a new 10-story building with an area of 20,000 square meters was started, and the final stages of its construction are currently underway. Conditions for increasing the number of beds to 150 beds are also provided in the hospital license and will be added to the hospital services by increasing the following facilities:


24-hour imaging center with the most advanced and up-to-date equipment

Gamma camera (nuclear medicine) Digital mammography MRI
Doppler ultrasound Densitometry bin Digital radiology
Digital cephalometry Spiral CT scan
24-hour emergency (fast track, acute ward and intensive care)
General boarding clinic
24-hour dentistry
LDR ward and Intensive Care Unit for Children and Infants
CCU Department, Cardiac Surgery and Angiography (Opening)

Also, in the near future, with the opening of the new departments, we will see the opening and operation of chemotherapy and radiotherapy departments.

(Physical specifications of Behboud hospital buildings)


Building name Building area Foundation Number of floors
Central 465 2800 6
Specialized and sub-specialized polyclinics 180 780 5
Salamat Building 300 1030 5
Official 145 520 4
New hospital building 2550 17500 7