History of Behboud Hospital

Information about the history and activities of the Behboud hospitalToday, maintaining and promoting the health and well-being of society is one of the important infrastructural matters, development and progress of society and the desire for cultural, social, political and economic development in order to improve living standards is one of the priorities and aspirations of every nation and is an integral part. In the present era, when human health is more exposed to various injuries and accidents than ever before, the important role of hospitals and medical centers in restoring the health of individuals as scientific and specialized centers of the country’s medical system units with a set of specialized human resources and advanced medical equipment. It is important in the process of medical care and is more and more visible..

Behbood Hospital of Tabriz (Nasr Medical Group) as a specialized and sub-specialized medical center with about twenty-five years of experience and the presence of more than 200 skilled and experienced physicians and employment of about 350 medical staff and support under the supervision of the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services Tabriz Therapy is working.The hospital started its activities in 1991 in a very small rented space and in the form of a clinic called Nasr Clinic. The efforts of the founders were welcomed and satisfied by the people after several years of activity.
With the joining of a number of interested and committed physicians, the preparations for forming the first comprehensive health care services cooperative in the province with the aim of promoting community health, providing the best quality health care and easy access to fair and acceptable services for all patients with emphasis on standards It is prepared and all the goals are set in the form of a comprehensive articles of association and are the criteria for the activity of the cooperative company.

In 2001, the current location of the cooperative was purchased by the members, and after obtaining the necessary permits, the 50-bed Behbood Hospital with an area of 3,000 square meters was built and put into operation.

The comprehensive efforts of the board of directors and members to provide quality services and satisfaction and the growing demand of the people to receive more services have not been commensurate with the small space of the hospital .Therefore, in order to respond to the clients’ demand and accept further responsibility in the field of health and treatment in the province by purchasing nearby properties, the management expanded the physical spaces of the hospital according to the standards of the relevant ministry.At present, the medical space of nearly 18,000 square meters at a cost of 600 billion rials and is being built on a land with an approximate area of four thousand square meters, is expected to be completed, equipped and operated in the next two years.

Behbood Hospital during its activity with the benefit of the most experienced specialists and subspecialists, capable medical staff, using fully advanced medical facilities and equipment, strict observance of common rules and regulations and standards, especially in relation to patient accreditation and safety Providing decent and desirable medical services to all dear clients and having one of the most complete specialized polyclinics in the province, is ready to provide medical services to respected patients.

In this hospital, various clinical and paraclinical units, including operating rooms, inpatient wards, general, specialized and sub-specialized clinics, are providing services to esteemed clients inside and outside the country on a 24-hour basis.