Pharmacy and Medical Products

Pharmacy and Medical Products

The Behboud hospital drug system is a large collection that includes various warehouses for storage and physical and statistical control systems of the warehouse . a drug system that sells the pharmaceutical needs of patients admitted to wards and two pharmacies for outpatient treatment in specialized and outpatient clinics.

The central pharmacy is located 24 hours a day at the entrance of the hospital and the pharmacy (emergency) provides services on a daily basis next to the emergency room, which makes customers comfortable with satisfaction and prevents congestion and accuracy and speed of operation.

Hospital Pharmacy Contracts:

The Behboud hospital pharmacy procures the drugs needed for its inpatient and outpatient wards from authorized companies in the pharmaceutical sector, and most of them are well-known Iranian and foreign brands, so that most doctors and the hospital’s medicine and treatment committee provide their opinions about them

Services are provided in the hospital pharmacy under the supervision of several experienced pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians, so that according to most of the clients and surveys of them, it is one of the equipped and trusted pharmacies of the public and the province. This has made the Behboud hospital pharmacy as one of the selected pharmacies of the deputy of food and medicine of the province in offering some special food and medicine quotas.

In addition to providing pharmaceutical services in this pharmacy, some scientific pharmaceutical activities are also performed separately. Presenting conferences, compiling and writing Pharmaco to the hospital, a dedicated booklet for operating room drugs and the intensive care unit (ICV) as a valid scientific resource for use by physicians and hospital medical staff.

Services of this pharmacy:

1- Pharmaceutical consultant
2- Making combination drugs
3- Accepting the online version
4- Cosmetics
5- Medical equipment
6- Medicinal supplements