operating rooms

operating rooms

Head of section: Dr. Mr. Firuz Salehpour
Deputy Head of section : Mr Mohammad Kazemzade
Head of Anesthesia Nurse : Mr Mohammad Kazemzade
Head of nurses: Mr. Karim Soleymanian                    
phone number: 041 31555   internal: 1012
Location: the second floor on the east side
Description of the activity of the section: The operating room of Behboud hospital include10-bed recovery room and 6 operating rooms in general surgery, Orthopedic, ENT, Neuroscience, and emergency and non-emergency surgery in this section.

The rooms are equipped with advanced nurse summoning systems, vital signs control, medical gases (oxygen, compressed air, N2O, vacuum, CO2) and resuscitation systems.

Advanced devices and systems in this section:

German advanced STREIT – HS HAAG microscope for neurosurgery
Bien Air craniotomy device for cutting the skull
Very advanced milling machine
Advanced anesthesia machines
CARM (Imaging for Neurological and Disc Imaging with 360 Degree and Real Time High Resolution Imaging)
German Sturgeon hysteroscopic air pump to access the patient’s internal ducts in scope surgery
Striker image system includes endovision monitor, camera, ISNA flutter, cold light source, etc. Arthroscopy
Sturz image system is German and so on.
Toris laser crushing system
Intracranial lithotripsy (TUL)
Arthroscopy (knee-shoulder)
Complete laparoscopic system
German liposuction system