Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine (isotope scanning):

Behbood Hospital Nuclear Medicine Center under the supervision of nuclear medicine specialists Dr. Khosrowshahi and Dr. Abolhassani is ready to provide services to patients every day except holidays using new technology.

Department equipment:

1) American Picker Gamma Camera with Air Conditioners (LEHR-LEGP-HE-Pinhole):

  1. Equipped with Spect and Gated spect systems
  2. Equipped with Whole Body Scan system
  3. Equipped with GFR, ERPF calculation software automatically
  4. Ejection Fraction calculation with very high accuracy
  5. Ability to perform all radioisotope scans of all body parts as Static, Dynamic

2) German PTW calibrator dose to accurately measure the dose of injectable drugs to patients

3) Radioactive iodine uptake device to check the amount of iodine absorption

4) Gamma counter device for performing hormonal tests with European standard kits by RIA method


Behboud nuclear medicine center services:
1- performing all radioisotopic scans including heart, bone, kidneys, thyroid, parathyroid, salivary glands, lacrimal ducts, lungs, liver, gallbladder, testicles, spleen, etc. as soon as possible
2- Measurement of radioactive iodine absorption
3- Treatment with radioactive substances (iodine, metastron, samarium, phosphorus, etc.)
4- Performing FNA from the thyroid gland
5- Accurate performance of all hormonal tests by RIA method and answering in the shortest time