Echocardiography lab

Echocardiography lab

Echocardiography is a test in which moving images of the heart are made using sound waves. You do not need to be hospitalized to have a heart echo. Cardiac echo is not painful and is not a surgery. Echocardiography is a test used to help your doctor diagnose your heart problems or how your heart is working. Echocardiography may be necessary in the following conditions:

  1. When you have abnormal heart sounds.
  2. When you have unexplained chest pain.
  3. When you have a congenital heart defect.
  4. When you have a heart attack.
  5. When you have rheumatoid arthritis.

How is echocardiography (echocardiography) performed?You sleep on the bed on your side or back.

  1. The doctor puts a special gel on the probe and transfers it to your chest area.
  2. Ultrasound produces images of the heart and its valves.
  3. X-rays are not used in echocardiography.
  4. Your heart rate can be seen on the video screen.
  5. You can take a video or a photo.
  6. You can also watch the movie while experimenting.
  7. This test often takes less than 15 to 20 minutes.
  8. This test is painless and has no side effects.
  9. Your doctor will talk to you about the results.

Echocardiography is located in the heart clinic of Nobar building of Behbood specialized and sub-specialized hospital.