Dermatology and Laser

Dermatology and Laser

The skin, hair, beauty and laser clinic of Behbood Hospital is a comprehensive center for the provision of skin care services. Doctors and specialists at the clinic are ready to help patients overcome general skin problems. In this clinic, skin beauty services are provided in order to anti-aging and promote skin health.

Plasma and carboxytherapy

Due to the fact that the outbreak of coronavirus has caused protective considerations, however, the development and completion of this unit under the supervision of educated and trained experts is getting better and better every day and we try to use the latest non-invasive technologies. Technologies that have proven to be effective and harmless.

At present, in this unit, carboxytherapy – plasmotherapy in a wide range for the treatment of various skin problems, including rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles on the face and body, lightening of the skin of the face and certain areas, bruising around the eyes, cellulite, pimples and sutures, etc. It is used and it has very bright and satisfying results.

In addition, other microneedling, injection, gel, Botox, etc. are performed.
The costs of this center are very low compared to other similar centers and cause the satisfaction of esteemed clients.

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