behboud hotel

behboud hotel

Behbood Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the country that has its own hotel. Having a hotel is important and significant for hospitals in developed countries and countries with health tourism industry, but it is not common in Iran at all.
Perhaps the Behboud hospital’s initiative to improve health tourism in the country has opened the door for officials to have a hotel for advanced hospitals.

However, the construction of the Behbood Hotel became part of the hospital’s future plans from the beginning of 2011 with the purchase of a plot of land a short distance from the hospital – at the intersection of Baghshamal – Nezam Pezeshki Alley.

Construction of the hotel began after obtaining a permit and carrying out administrative and legal procedures in the country, and its construction took about 3.5 years, and when completed, it opened in 2016.

Behbood Hotel has 6 floors, lobby, restaurant, 24 suites and support system (hall – kitchen – engine room) and is ready to provide services to health tourims and dear travelers in a completely relaxing environment. Behbood Hotel is one of the 5 hotels in the country for 3 consecutive years, which obtains the most satisfaction from customers and guests.


Address : Tabriz – South Ertesh Street – Baghshomal Intersection – Nezam Pezeshki Alley – Behbood Hotel

Contact number : 00984135576647 & 00984135576648

Fax : 00984135576649