Admission and discharge (medical records)

  • 1399-10-01

The medical records unit، includes admission, discharge, and medical records archiving. The admission and discharge unit is located on the ground floor of the main hospital building and deals with the admission and discharge of patients.

Please read the following carefully before going to the hospital:

  1. For hospitalization, 1- Presenting the original and copy of the national card and identity card 2- Doctor’s order 3- Basic insurance booklet is required.
  2. Patients ‘hospitalization priority is based on: the patient’s condition, patients’ age (children and the elderly are preferred) and the type of operation. It is also recommended that you visit the hospital one day before the operation to be admitted from 2 pm to facilitate admission.
  3. After completing the admission process by our partners, you will be directed to the desired section.
  4. Patients’ appointment time is 2:30 to 4 p.m.

All matters related to the discharge of hospitalized patients are done through the discharge unit.

In addition, the only official reference for the hospital to answer your questions about insurance costs and tariffs is the discharge accounting unit. Please refer to this unit in person for information.

Admission unit working hours:
Behbood Hospital admission unit receives clients 24 hours a day.

Working hours of the clearance unit:

Normal days: ‌ from 7:30 to 19 o’clock.
Holidays: 7:30 to 13:30.

Internal telephone numbers of this unit:


Price of surgeries

Price of surgeries in Behbood Hospital in Tabriz in 1400
rowgroupType of surgeryInternational PatientsDescription
1WomenChildbirth120,000,000Hospitalized for one day
2Cesarean delivery120,000,000Hospitalized for one day
3Curettage surgery60,000,000Hospitalized for one day
4Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)150,000,000Hospitalized for 2 days
5Bilateral ovarian cyst100,000,000Hospitalized for one day
7SurgeryMammoplasty250,000,000Hospitalized for one day
8Breast biopsy65,000,000Hospitalized for one day
9One side hernia85,000,000Hospitalized for one day
10Bilateral hernia115,000,000Hospitalized for one day
11Appendicitis105,000,000Hospitalized for 2 days
12Hemorrhoids65,000,000Hospitalized for one day
Intestinal obstruction350,000,000
13Abdominoplasty200,000,000Hospitalized for one day
14Shrink stomach volume (bypass)0Hospitalization for 5 days without surgical equipment
15Fisher60,000,000Hospitalized for one day
16Gallbladder surgery110,000,000Hospitalized for one day
17Gallbladder surgery (laparoscopy)130,000,000Hospitalized for one day
19urologyUreteral stone on one side TUL120,000,000Hospitalized for one day
20PCNL220,000,000Hospitalized for 2 days
21Radical nephrectomy (kidney removal)220,000,000Hospitalized for 3 days
22Prostatectomy135,000,000Hospitalized for 2 days
23Unilateral varicocele60,000,000Hospitalized for one day
24Bilateral varicocele75,000,000Hospitalized for one day
25Remove Double G40,000,000Hospitalized for one day
27OrthopedicsOne side CTS55,000,000Hospitalized for one day
28Two sides of CTS75,000,000Hospitalized for one day
29Remove screws and plates80,000,000Hospitalized for one day
30ACL230,000,000Hospitalized for one day
31ACL،PCL،MM240,000,000Hospitalized for one day
32Arthroscopy80,000,000Hospitalized for one day
33Knee replacement210,000,000Hospitalization for 2 or 3 days without surgical equipment
34Hip replacement220,000,000Hospitalization for 2 or 3 days without surgical equipment

تعرفه هتلینگ

The price of Behboud hotel in the private sector
RowDescription of service
1Single room (private)21,738,000
2Double room14,370,000
3Triple room and more9,200,000
4Baby bed7,600,000
5Sick baby bed9,200,000