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With an over 200 meter square area, Behboud hospital of Tabriz is located on Southern Artesh St.,

 between Saat Sq. and Bagh'shomal junction. As a cooperative company, the specialty and subspecialty hospital of Behboud was founded in 1989 as 429 Nasr cooperative Co. with the initial name of Nasr clinic in a rented building. Thanks to endless efforts of the founders, good reputation among Tabriz citizens, and considerable requests from city's dignitaries, the administration decided to expand the hospital. Therefore, after doing official formalities and buying the current place, the establishment of 6-story building was started. In 2002, Behboud hospital was opened in the form of a 50 –bed general hospital equipped with different clinics and surgery rooms including delivery parts, gynecology and women operations, men surgery, newborns, laboratory, 24-hour pharmacy, radiology, sonography, nuclear medicine, physiotherapy, general & specialty clinics. After fulfilling all predefined goals in short time and increasing the number of professional staff, the chief administration of the hospital tried to enlarge the system by adding a 10-story building which is at the final steps of construction. Definitely, simultaneous with expanding the area of the hospital, the number of beds will be increased in the near future.

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City map regarding the location of Behboud Hospital